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    Motor Development

Effects of Exercise on Pregnancy

This article was very interesting to go through. In lectures we have been studying different extrinsic factors during pregnancy that can have positive or negative effects on the fetus during the pregnancy. This article focused on the effects of regular exercise during pregnancy and the positive and negative outcomes that can occur from exercise. It seemed like there were a lot of benefits of exercising during pregnancy which was expected. I was surprised to find out that there were some negative possibly outcomes from working out while pregnant, but they all seemed like reasonable precautions to take before starting a workout program and could be overcome. Therefore it seemed that the good outweighed the bad in the overall effects of exercise.


It's interesting to know that exercise actually helps during pregnancy. I always just assumed that pregnant women should relax so as to not hurt the fetus, but it's nice to know now that pregnant women should exercise to alleviate their problems that they experience during pregnancy. 09-11-2016 4:16pm

Comment by Chris Hastings

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