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Teratogens/Prenatal Substance Abuse

This past weeks we read in Chapter 4 about teratogens and how they unfortunately can diffuse across the placenta causing an abnormal development. In this article it talks more in depth about the susceptibility of the fetus to teratogens, which vary depending on the mother, but talking about the ones the fetus is most vulnerable to, like alcohol and smoking.


I thought you chose an article that is perfect for what we're talking about. It expands on multiple impacts that substance abuse during pregnancy can have and why it is important to abstain from doing it. 09-09-2016 7:19pm

Comment by Natalie Watson

I didn't know that birth defects associated with prenatal exposure to alcohol can occur in the first 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy. The article says that is before the mother even knows she is pregnant. That means the mother hurt the baby that she didn't even know she had...very interesting. 09-10-2016 5:17pm

Comment by Kaden Hersel

This article helped me understand teratogens better by explaining how they affect pregnant women with the infectious agents they carry 09-11-2016 6:18pm

This is a great article that directly relates to this week's lecture. This article helped me understand what teratogens were. It is surprising to me to find out how big of an effect smoking has on the fetus. 09-11-2016 8:20pm

Comment by EJ Hayward

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