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This article gave me a better understanding of nutrition during pregnancy and the importance, that it not only has on the fetus but also on the mother. It makes me want to reach out to pregnant woman and tell them the effects of how careful and cautious you need to be, because you're not only eating for yourself but your baby as well.


This article is helpful because it talks about what he have been discussing for chapter 3. It gives solid information on prenatal birth. 09-08-2016 3:15pm

Comment by Maurice Daum

This article talks about proper nutrition for the mother during pregnancy to avoid certain types of defects and diseases in the fetus. This article also talks about how what you eat reaches the fetus and what to consume more/less of to give the baby proper nutrition during their development. 09-08-2016 4:16pm

Comment by Andre Garay

This article was rather interesting to read. It goes into a decent amount of detail regarding the importance of and effects of proper nutrition for a developing fetus and child. 03-05-2017 8:20pm

Comment by Dominick Galligan

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