ACL Reconstruction

Over this past week, I have been observing at a physical therapy clinic and have happened to see a lot of ACL injuries in young teenagers. Seeing so many of these injuries in the patients, I decided to do my post on it this week. Majority of the patients had surgery over 10 weeks ago and are now just strengthening the knee to get back to their sports or normal daily activities, but I thought it would be interesting to see how the surgery is actually done. We haven’t touched on the knee yet in class, but I figured this could be a good intro to this area of the body. The doctor in the video goes into great detail about what he is doing to the knee and how those techniques end up bringing the ligament back together. This video was very interesting to watch since I have been observing patients that had this surgery, so now I can go into my next observation hours with a little more knowledge on what potentially was done on their knee. This video is also great for the class to watch to see what is going on anatomically in that part of the body and to get a better biomechanical idea of the other aspects of the body that are affected from this injury.


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