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First Hint of 'Life after Death'

A study measured over 2,000 people to see what they experienced after they were officially dead. They talked to people from over 15 different hospitals in the US, UK and Austria. What they found was at least 40% of the people had felt "aware" after they officially died. Some people felt a brightness, others felt like they were drowning and others felt a sense of enlightenment. Overall, several of them were able to recount what happened during the time they were supposedly dead. I think this phenomenon is an important thing to consider. It's hard to know what is real or not. Or if people are just hallucinating before they die or there is something else. I think something that would be interesting for them to study next time was whether or not they followed a certain religion and if certain people of a certain practice experienced the sinking or light. Since we talked about life and death in class I thought that tied in nicely and was something to contemplate.


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