Hip injuries in ballet

I love learning about hips mainly because my hip pain and issues have caused a lot of my knee issues as well. Being a young dancer starting at the age of 2 and continuing intense dancing for 14 years I know what it is like to feel daily hip pain. I was told by my doctor, who I went to specifically because she was well trained with ballerinas, that if I continued to dance i would need a hip replacement by the time I was 30. As a 16 year old, that seemed ridiculous and far away, but now I thank my mom for making me quit and try other sports to save my hips. That unnatural turn out, hours of hip rotation, and stress on the hip joint is so taxing on the body. I like this article because it doesnt glorify dance and tell you that the hip pain will go away, it teaches how to lesson it and WHY it is happening.


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