Chronic effects of exercise on the heart

I found this video very helpful in my learning process, it provides a video of the human body focusing on how exercise impacts heart health, lung health, and the overall human anatomy. By showing the actual anatomy process it of the effect of exercise it becomes more clear as to how much exercise really impacts the body.


I agree with you that if we had more videos like this one could see how it really affects us. You can't necessarily see the effects of the heart on the outside, but once you go inside the body you can see everything. Great video! 12-30-2016 1:13pm

Comment by Jessica Brown

Great quick video!  I love biology and why things happen the way they happen.  I like how it broke it all down in simple cartoon like videos of what actually happens when we exercise! 12-30-2016 7:19pm

Comment by Heidi Codino

This is a great video to see how and what is happening in our heart when we exercise and when we don't! Great visual of what we have ben learning through out the course. 01-09-2017 11:11am

Comment by McKenzie Lanier

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