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    Nnewtons law

how basketball relates to nerwtons law

In class today we talked about newtons law which basically states that if you are moving your momentum carries you and if you are stopped its hard to get going which relates to basketball because it is a lot of stopping and starting in this sport which is similar.


this video is cool and it shows how newtons laws applies to basketball when we probably wouldn't think about it in that way. This video gives people another way to look at sports and actually see everything that goes on within a certain sport, in this case basketball. 01-22-2017 11:23pm

Comment by Malachi Flynn

This was a good and informative video on how basketball relates to newtons laws of motion. It gave good examples such as when a person shoots the ball it stays in motion till it is slowed down by hitting the backboard or going in the net. 01-22-2017 11:23pm

Comment by Job Yepez

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