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In the first few years of age parents have the most influence on a child's involvement in athletic activities. During this time their parents are the only influence that they experience. Parents have a significant amount of involvement reguarding invovlement in sports and extraciriculars. The article discusses, how parents provide the main sources of encouragement, introduction to sports, financial support, and transportation. Withtout this influence the child is most likely unable to be introduced or participate in sports.


This is relatable to what was discussed in class. Parents are very influential in everything a child does, including sports.  This makes me wonder what parents should do in order to encourage healthy physical activities levels. 11-05-2017 2:14pm

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I liked reading about the importance of parents' influence on their children. We went over this in class this past week. 11-05-2017 4:16pm

Comment by Samantha Howell

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