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    kines 199 fall 2017

Parental Influences on Children in Sports

It is in the very first few years of adolescence when the parents have the most influence on a child's involvement in athletic activities. It's during this period in a child's lifetime when their parents are the only influence that they experience. There are many factors that parents have control over regarding involvement in sports, or just extracurriculars in general. This article talks about how parents are the main sources of encouragement, introduction to sports, financial support, and obviously transportation. Without these influences, a child is left without the opportunity to participate in youth sports.


This article relates to the affect that parents have on their children in relation to their participation in sports. This is important to consider because the article reviews how parents can have a positive or a negative influence on the participation level. 10-26-2017 3:15pm

Comment by Sydney Macauley

Great article! I enjoyed that this article didn't include any bias to parental influence to athletic activities. I like that the article included the important role as a parent when including their child in sports; transportation, funds, and support. 10-27-2017 2:02am

Comment by Gina Nguyen

I thought this article was very interesting because it demonstrated how important a parent is in what activities their child participates in. I really liked how it included both positive and negative ways a parent can influence their child to cover both sides of the argument. 10-29-2017 9:21pm

Comment by Erik Raisys


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