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    Kines 199 Fall 2017

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Training

This article explains the differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It's geared toward runners, and how each type of exercise affects their training and performance. I liked that it's scientific but still easy to understand, and the author uses a lot of examples and gives tips that you can use while running.


I think this pertains to what we learned in class this week because it describes the differences between anaerobic and aerobic exercises. The question that comes to mind is, how many different types of runners did they study before coming to their results? 11-15-2017 1:13pm

Comment by Alyssa Fisk

I like that this shows what aerobic and anaerobic exercise looks like. It is helpful to know the difference when it comes to the science we learned about this past week. I wonder if there is a way to apply these running exercises to other athletes as well. 11-19-2017 11:23pm

Comment by Ariah Yager

This article does a great job of explaining how anaerobic and aerobic exercise applies to running. It dives into the specific types of exercises from both categories that runners use to help increase their sprint or distance times. 11-20-2017 12:00am

Comment by Rivers McFadden

I think this video was very interesting because most people don't understand the concept of different kinds of exercise and what those different types can do for your body. This video explains that very clearly and i think it would be a great teaching tool to use. 12-03-2017 6:18pm

Comment by Natayah Bauer

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