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    Kines 199 Fall 2017

The Heart

Here is a short video showing how the heart is working.
I think the most interesting part of this video is around 3min25sec; it is when we see how the blood is getting pumped in and pumped out.
I was confused on how the valves were working but this video really helped me to illustrate this process.


I think that the heart is very unique and interesting so I loved watching this video on the functions of how it works. Though the speaker talked very fast, I liked when he explained how blood and oxygen flow through the heart! Great Work! 09-17-2017 7:19pm

Comment by Savannah Trautman

There's a lot going on with the heart and it's interesting to see how it all functions. I really liked the video because it explained the heart in a much more understanding concept. Awesome job! 09-17-2017 7:19pm

Comment by Kona Bertolino

I personally have never fully understood the heart and how it functions. This video helped me understand the heart and each component of how it works 09-17-2017 8:20pm

Comment by Jake Mueller

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