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Celebrating Death

Many cultures throughout the world celebrate death, making a certain day throughout the year to reminisce on loved ones who have passed. The website that I have attached to this post lists 10 different cultures around the world that celebrate death and what they participate in throughout the day to honor those that are now in heaven. After discussing death in class this past week, I feel that this article connects to the information that was presented, showing that although we are scared of what will happen to us after death we should be able to look back on our lives and celebrate what we did and what we will continue to do spiritually. A main topic that was hit was that what difference you can make in the world today, tomorrow, and in the future as well as the experiences you have make your life valuable. Since this article discusses celebrating death I feel like that connects to those two topics because your loved ones are able to look back on the life you lived and use those life experiences and the impacts you made on the world and present it into their lives. This allows families to be able to live through their dead loved ones and allows the individual who has passed to continue to leave their mark, even if they aren't actually there.


This talks about what we discussed on class on countries and death. In America our country looks at death as such a negative thing. However, in other countries death is celebrated in different ways depending on the religion. It shows that America deals with death emotion in an in healthy way. 11-30-2017 6:18pm

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