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Blood Pressure

For our first lab, blood pressure and heart rate was the main focus. Calculating and finding someones blood pressure was very interesting, and definitely a skill needed in kinesiology. It is an important thing to know, because our health can be tracked by our blood pressure and heart rate. Without being able to calculate blood pressure we would not be able to help a patient with a high blood pressure and try and decrease their chances of health problems in the future.


It is a very important skill to know, because it allows us to have a good look at the health of the individual. Is there anything that makes the skills used to determine the blood pressure have inaccuracies? 10-04-2017 12:12pm

Comment by Deshea Blanchard

Taking  a blood pressure is a very good skill to have, especially for those in the medical field. I feel like this video is very relevant to what we discussed in class. 12-01-2017 7:19pm

Comment by Deshea Blanchard

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