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    Kines 199 Spring 2018

quizlet relating to this unit

This quizlet gives us definitions of some of the terms that we use in this unit as well as give the opportunity to study them in different ways, it also provides different concepts related to sports that some people might not be aware of therefor preparing them better for future exams and assignments.


Thank you for sharing this! This quizlet is a great way to study/learn the terms for this class; I will for sure use this quizlet come test time. I like how you can learn the terms by going through them over and over until you get it down. 03-23-2018 7:19pm

Comment by Julian Buyas

This is a great study tool, I used this for my last exam and I will most likely use this again for my final. I enjoy using quizlet especially for making flashcards and to study those terms. 04-26-2018 10:22pm

Comment by Riley Lonero

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