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The brutal secrets behind ‘The Biggest Loser’ | New York Post

This is why this show needs to


As a trainer of obese individuals I quickly came to despise the show.  It is really tragic and sad when you consider all the other factors that contribute to an individuals obesity.  My heart goes out to every person who ever was a contestant on this show. 01-24-2015 9:09am

Comment by Stacy Schell Poyser

I know.  Anyone who even remotely understands "health"  could see a problem with how much weight is lost in such a short period....and then those excessive behaviors are not even remotely sustainable long term. 01-24-2015 9:09am

Hi Dr. Reiss. I read an article about this show it stated that this show was using illegal diet pills so they're clients can win the competition. I use to love watching this show because it motivates not only me, but also many people who thought it was impossible to lose weight the natural way. 01-25-2015 11:11am

Comment by Venus Kilisi

That wouldn't surprise me at all.  For the show it is all about the ratings and making money, not about the people. 01-25-2015 1:13pm

Not a fan of this show at all. I wonder how the rest of the competitors in other seasons are doing in their healthy lifestyles. 01-25-2015 8:20pm

Comment by Oliver Herazo


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