(14) Effective Addiction Treatment

This article talks about how many treatment programs utilize outdated techniques rather than techniques that have been proven effective in recent studies. A recent review of addiction treatment methods showed that 30-day inpatient programs are likely ineffective because treatment for addiction usually takes months or years. To condense a program to one month sounds attractive, but doesn't fix the long-term problems causing addiction. These programs also aren't individualized, which can help with individual success. There are also medications that can help reduce relapse, but the mentality in the addiction circle is that these drugs are being used as a new substance rather than beating the addiction. This all contributes to a treatment environment that puts blame on individuals when outdated approaches to addiction treatment don't work. We talked in class about how addiction can be treated and relies heavily on social environment, but it's interesting to look at the specific approaches and how when a program is individualized, it can be much more effective.



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