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    Kines 199 Fall 2019

Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Teratogen

This article on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a sadly common teratogen, describes how the syndrome is becoming increasingly more prevalent in new born infants. Making a jump fro, 1% to almost 5% of new borns. The article then goes on to describe the signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and how the syndrome needs to be publicized and recognized more, because that would help the numbers go down. Although, researchers say that they don't have an accurate number of kids with fetal alcohol syndrome because many mothers are reluctant to admit that they drank while pregnant because it is embarrassing for them. Researchers say that if mothers came out and were honest about drinking while pregnant, the government could do a better job of preventing and helping kids with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
This article is related to what we talked about in class because Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a Teratogen, which effects prenatal development, and can impact the babies post natal development as well.
This article was important for me to post because it shocked me that the number of children being impacted by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is on the rise. It's such an easily preventable disease.


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