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    Kines 199 Fall 2019

Tips to Keep Your Bones Healthy

This article gives a brief overview of why bones are important in the body, what happens to them as a person ages, what can affect bone health, and what a person can do to keep bones healthy. The article goes over various risk factors for osteoporosis, with gender, lack of physical activity, size, and hormone levels being the main risk factors. The article also suggests ways to keep bones healthy and minimize breakdown. These tips include getting sufficient Vitamin D and calcium, avoiding smoking and drinking, and getting enough weight-bearing exercise. I thought this article relates very well to what we discussed in class about bones and how they begin to break down faster than they can be replaced as people age. I also thought it complimented Dr. Schultz's points about how they will break down faster in women and how weight-bearing exercises, especially strength training, are important actions to take to protect bones.


I like how strongly connected the article is to what we are learning in class! It is a great example of how vital weight-bearing exercise is to maintaining healthy bones. I also liked that it gave tips on how to prevent various issues with bone breakdown. 09-11-2019 4:16pm

Comment by Cassie King

I like how they went more into depth on why the activities/diets/lifestyle choices can improve or diminish bone strength. Was very easy to understand and gave me more insight into what we've been learning in class 09-12-2019 8:20pm

Comment by Matt Roelofsen

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